Where You Are Matters As Much As What You Are

Where you are matters.

Look no further than the first rule of real estate: location, location, location.

It’s easy to see how a high rise in Manhattan might go for way more than a high rise in Muncie, Indiana.

There’s high demand in NY. There are more people. There’s more money. There’s a higher premium on status.

The same is true for your career.

Where you are matters. 

If you’re out panhandling your skills in a market that doesn’t need them, you’re cheating yourself out of major opportunities.

Find the place that can satisfy the type of work opportunities you want. Go there.

The especially beautiful thing about the world we live in today, though, is that your work isn’t limited to physical space. The marvel of the internet is that it offers most anyone the ability to transmute their skills into value for other people all over the world.

So if it’s not a question of location for work, does it still matter?


Where you are matters. It sets the backdrop of your day to day life. Where you are helps foster (or inhibit) your personal growth.

Think about it in a simple comparison: Are you living near the Dead Sea or in the Amazon Basin?

The former won’t support any vegetation. The latter is one of the most dense areas of vegetative growth in the world.

Which one describes where you’re at?

If your physical space doesn’t support your growth, maybe it’s time to move on.