The Power of the Double Thank You

The best transactions involve a double thank you.

Maybe you’re at a coffee shop. You place your order and swipe your card. The barista replies, “thank you.” When she delivers your cup of coffee, you echo back, “thank you.”

The barista is better off with your cash. You’re better off with your coffee.

The double thank you isn’t about niceties. It’s about choosing to engage in the world as a positive sum game. Both parties walk away from an exchange improved by the exchange.

The power of a double thank you can be applied to all walks of life. It’s not just about exchanging money for goods or services. The same mindset is powerful for relationships and all human interactions.

Imagine for a moment if every interaction you participated in, both you and the other person walked away better off. Can you truthfully say that’s the case? If yes, then congratulations Mister Holier Than Thou. If not, maybe there’s an opportunity to reevaluate how you engage with the world.

Again, it’s not about niceties. We all have a choice of how we choose to engage with the world and with others. And today, I’m reminding myself to reach for mutually beneficial encounters.

Thank you.