Where Have All the Strong Men Gone?

It’s a scary world out there right now.

Everywhere you look there’s a major threat to our traditional way of life lurking at the doorstep.

But rest assured, whatever threats exist, there is a remedy.

It’s not more government. Or bigger government.

It’s not more activism. Or louder shouting and more rioting in the streets.

It’s not more stimulus checks. Or allowing The Federal Reserve to print more money.

The solution to most of the woes in our world rests in taking massive personal responsibility.

The world needs more self-reliance. Most notably, the world needs more self-reliant men to stand up.

Masculinity has been under attack for quite some time – and all of the characteristics that go with it. But doing away with masculinity altogether is not a useful solution.

When you throw the baby out with the bathwater, you also lose out on the redeeming qualities.

And such is the state of the world we’re in today. Where men – and the very essence of manhood – has been attacked, scapegoated, and vilified.

Today, there’s a whole generation of directionless young men. They’re hungry for an adventure – for a battle to fight – for a purpose.

This aimlessness is a direct result of society’s attempt to euthanize manliness.

In classrooms all across the country, little boys are forced to sit still for 8 hours per day, and sent to detention (or expelled) when they get too rowdy during recess.

In homes across the country, neglectful parents reprimand their sons for failing to follow all the rules. Or when neglectful parents choose to medicate developing minds into submission.

At churches little boys are taught about a blue-eyed kind-hearted Savior.

We’re desperate to forget that a carpenter with rugged hands and emaciated flesh carried his cross to Calvary.

We fear the Lion of Judah. So we replaced Him with a gentle little lamb. Or with nihilism. But both exasperate the problems.

It’s time for men to pick up their crosses. To embrace the better angels of their nature – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

To accept their responsibility for their own lives. Their fates. Their families.