When To Walk Away

I spent two hours at a car dealership this morning.

Before I left the manager asked me about my experience.

“Honestly, this is taking longer than I’d like,” I replied. He acted shocked.

“Really? Usually people are here for 4-5 hours, you’ve only been here for two!” he replied.

It reminded me of something I often take for granted: the freedom to walk away.

So I exercised it.

Maybe it’s easier to see this freedom on display when it involves a pricey transaction. But we carry the same freedom into nearly every arena of life.

It’s Always an Option

Hate your job? You don’t have to stay.

Toxic relationship? Call it off.

Don’t like where you live? Move somewhere else.

It’s easy to forget we have this power. Especially when other parties benefit. They’d have us believe we’re powerless. That we have to be confined to our current circumstances.

Exercise Your Freedom

We have the freedom to walk away when things don’t satisfy our needs or interests.

It’s a super power. But only if you exercise it.

When is the last time you walked away?