Two Minutes of Fury

When he was 16, Sports Illustrated ran a feature on Bryce Harper.

A lot of people remember that issue.

They remember it because Harper made an outrageous claim – He said his goal was to be the greatest baseball player that ever played.

It struck a nerve that some kid had the audacity to make such a bold statement. But as I read on I remember thinking, he very well may do it.

What stood out to me most about that article though was the mindset Bryce approached the game with. He sported the phrase “2 min of fury” underneath the bill of his cap.

2 minutes. The average time of an at bat.

And while he was on that mound – that’s exactly what batters could expect. Fury.

It inspired me. Both as a young dude trying to make his way – and a pitcher. I immediately broke out the sharpie and pulled out my own cap – to sketch a reminder to myself.

I haven’t picked up a baseball in years. But the concept of 2 minutes of fury sticks with me.

The idea of time as finite. The idea of approaching that finite window as a competitor. Unyielding. Relentless.

There’s something about approaching life that way.

Not just as another casual encounter. But as a competitor working with limited time.

What a mindset to approach life with. Just think about it.

By God, when I step on the mound, hell or high-water…if they get on base, they’ll have earned it.