Trust the Process.

Imagine walking into a Michelin 3-star restaurant and balking at what the chef puts in front of you.

Absurd, right?

What about going into a doctor’s office and arguing with him about his prognosis?

Or servicing your car at the local mechanic’s shop and disagreeing with his recommendations?

You may not like the price. Hell, you may not enjoy the news. But these people have access to secrets you don’t yet.

They discovered these secrets through years devoted to their trade, their craft. These secrets allow them to tune in to a higher frequency than us in their realm of expertise.

Experts Have a Process

When you embrace something new, seek out someone who knows more than you. They know things you don’t. They can expedite some of your discovery process toward the answers you’re after.

Consider a chef. Maybe you’re after a new culinary experience. He or she is more qualified than you to assist.

Or the doctor. Perhaps he or she can reduce the amount of time you experience discomfort.

Or your mechanic. If you could stretch another 100,000 miles out of your car, that’d be great, right?

Part of an expert’s secret is his or her process. A regimented way of going about their particular craft.

Yes. Sometimes they get it wrong. But the process they use allows them to increase the frequency with which they are correct, and reduce the likelihood of being wrong.

Can you say that about yourself?