Indeterminate Growth and Your Environment

Did you know some species of plants and animals continue to grow until they die? It’s referred to as indeterminate growth.

Indeterminate growers do not have a genetically predetermined growth apex. So long as conditions in their environment remain favorable, they will survive and continue to increase in size.

Some popular examples include tomato plants, grapevines, lizards, goldfish, and a wide variety of other plants and animals.

But the conditions for their growth must remain favorable โ€“ otherwise, these species will stop growing or die.

Take goldfish, for instance. If you’ve ever had a pet goldfish, maybe you’ve witnessed this.

Assuming favorable conditions โ€“ i.e. food, water quality, etc. โ€“ a goldfish will grow in line with the size of its container.

Small bowl? Small goldfish. Large pond? Large goldfish.

Environment matters. But so does innate potential.

Not all species are indeterminate growers. Put a terminate grower into a larger pond, and once it reaches its natural biological size, it will stop growing.

The environment may impact its longevity. Or its quality of life. Or its likelihood to thrive.

Terminate growers have a fixed growth potential, regardless of their environment. But indeterminate growers will continue to expand to the size of their environment.

That feels like a layup for an inspirational message:

If you want to thrive, plant yourself in an environment with favorable conditions and enough space for your growth.