Ideation Versus Execution

Ideas are abundant but execution is rare.

Imagine if the opposite were true.

Ideas by themselves would be worth a fortune.

But they’re not. Because ideas don’t make themselves.

Somebody’s got to donate the blood, sweat, and tears to nurture an idea through infancy and adolescence into a full-blown reality.

Plus, there’s the matter of ownership.

You cannot own an idea the same way you can own a piece of property. For instance, both you and I could hold claim to the same idea simultaneously, without either one of us being any the wiser.

What really matters is who can make the better mousetrap.

If you and I both hold the same idea, which one of us can offer it to the world better, faster, cheaper?

In a world where ideas remain plentiful, execution will always be in high demand (and deliver a better return).

You don’t even need a great idea if your execution is great. Just a decent idea will do.

Be wary of great ideas. Unless you also obsess over bringing them to life.

Ideas are only useful in proportion to your ability to carry them out.